Webmail allows you to check your email through any internet connection using a web browser. This page serves as a short tutorial on the usage of most popular features of our WebMail system.

Logging in to WebMail
Go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com Your username is the FULL POP e-mail address e.g. john.smitch@yourdomain.com. The password is what you originally assigned to this POP e-mail account, when you created your email account .

Composing an e-mail message
Once in the INBOX, click on the "Compose" icon in the Tool bar. A new window will pop up. You can save a copy of the message you are sending to your sent-mail folder by ticking the appropriate box on the compose window.

Creating a signature to your messages
To assign a signature to your new or reply messages, follow the below instructions.

  • Click "Options"
  • In "Your Information" column, click on "Personal Information".
  • Click on "Edit your Identities".
  • Fill in the form fields as you require and click "Change" to save this identity. 

You can now return to INBOX or compose a new message to test the modification you have made.

You can create as many identities as you like. e.g. to mask your personal e-mail address with your work related info@ alias address.

Deleting messages

  • Tick the box on the left of the message that you want to delete.
  • Click the "Delete" link at the top of this column.
  • Click "Empty Trash" icon to clear it permanently from your mailbox.

Creating new folders

  • Click "Folders" icon
  • Tick the box next to "INBOX"
  • Select the appropriate function from the drop down menu
  • Enter the name of the folder in the pop up window and click OK


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