If you have an email account, you have probably experienced the frustrations of spam. First it is the odd one or two unsolicited emails, but before long your mailbox is overwhelmed with timewasting spam, a proportion of which also carries the threat of computer viruses.

All of GoGlobals email services come with Spam Assassin, which filters and removes spam before it hits your inbox. Every time an email reaches GoGlobal, the Spam Assasin software instantly compares each email against a set of over 600 rules, identifying over 95% of spam emails, emails are marked as spam so that your mail program can easily filter them into a special folder or delete them.

GoGlobal can adjust the sensitivity of your spam filter determining the level of strictness that each incoming email is dealt with. Emails identified as spam are redirected to a special junk-mail mailbox which you can monitor and control just like any other mailbox.

Most importantly, you are freed from the nuisance that is spam.

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