Document Manager

The Document Manager allows you to insert hyperlinks to document files stored on the web-server by simply selecting them from a list. The dialog is similar to the Image Manager and allows you to browse, upload, and delete documents.

Follow these steps to create a link to a document on the page:

  1. With your selected page in edit mode select the image or highlight the text you would like to place the document link on.
  2. Click on the Document Manager Link in the menu to load the Document Manager. You can use the document browser window to navigate folders and select the file to link to on your page. Like the other file managers you also have the option to upload documents via the upload page on the other tab of this window.

  3. Before inserting the link into your page make sure you set the target of the link. The two most common targets are (Blank) loads the link in a new browser window and (Self) loads the link in the main content window of your website.

Special Note:

Please follow these guidelines when linking to your documents:

  • Keep document file size as small as possible, this makes the document faster to download and easier to view.
  • Use only compatible file formats such as PDF or Word other file formats are not widely supported and remember the viewer will require a compatible application to view the link.
  • Make sure you have copyright for the documents you are using.


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