How to Edit a Page

Using your main menu navigate to the page you wish to edit and click the Edit link in the footer area of your website. The chosen page will now load the content editor and put the page into edit mode.

Using the tools provided by the editor you can make updates to the page as required.

There are four main options to choose from when saving your page edits.

  1. Save Draft this saves a copy of the page while you are working on it. The next time you load this page to make an edit it will load the last saved draft page. This option lets you make numerous changes to a page over time without saving it to the live site.
  2. Save Draft & Exit this performs the same task above and closes the editor.
  3. Save Live & Exit this saves the page to the live site replacing the old page and any previous draft pages.
  4. Cancel this closes the editor without saving any changes.

The content editor is a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which allows non-technical users to author and manage the HTML content of their website. The editor gives the user the ability to seamlessly format text, set hyperlinks, build tables, and insert images, Flash, documents, etc. just like using Microsoft Word.

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