Hyperlink Manager

The Hyperlink Manager allows you to insert hyperlinks on text or images in your page to other web pages, email addresses, files etc.

Follow these steps to create a hyperlink to another page in your website

  1. Navigate to the page in the site that you want to link to. Right click in the content area and choose properties from the menu, a properties window will open.

  2. Highlight the address with your cursor (make sure you get the full address – drag down) and press Ctrl + C on your keyboard (Keyboard command for copy) this address has now been copied to your pasteboard.
  3. Close the properties window and navigate to the page that you want to put the hyperlink on, set the page in edit mode.
  4. Select the image or highlight the text that you want to put the hyperlink on and click on the Hyperlink Manager it will open in a new window.

  5. Paste your page link into the URL field (Ctrl + V the keyboard shortcut for paste) and set the target for the link. Click ok to save and exit. 


Setting the target for a link determines how that link will be displayed once clicked. The main two common targets are blank and self.

Blank: Opens the link in a new browser window.
Self: Opens the link in the content area of the same window.

Other Links

Not only can you link to pages in your site but also to other websites and email addresses. Enter the desired website address in the URL field to link to a web page and set the target.

If you want to link to an email address you can do it two ways – either type mailto:youremailaddress in the URL field or use the E-mail tab to enter the address and subject

 Remove a Link

To remove a hyperlink from text or an image select the item with the link on it and click the Remove Link link in the main menu.

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