Members Only

The member’s only module provides a secure area on your website where authorised members can access the information. Users must successfully sign-in with a valid username and password to access the restricted area. The module comes with a number of components including:

  • Membership Information Page (editable via the content manager – outlines to potential members the benefits of joining)
  • Registration Form
  • Secure Sign-in Page
  • Welcome Page (editable via the content manager – this is the first page that loads when they successfully sign-in)
  • Membership Accounts Page (lets the administrator manage membership accounts)

Membership Application Process

  1. The user views the Membership Information page outlining the benefits of membership and clicks on the link to apply using the registration form. 

  2. Once the registration form has been completed successfully the request is sent to Accounts Awaiting Approval in the admin area of your website. The account needs to be accepted by the administrator before the user can access the member’s only area.

  3. The Awaiting Approval page not only allows the administrator to approve or decline new memberships but also lets them perform a number of tasks including;

    - Add, Edit and Delete membership accounts
    - Export your members list as a comma separated file
    - Email your members list via the mailto: link
    - Use the page numbers to navigate through your records
    - Click on the Column headings to sort items in the list
  4. Once the account has been accepted it is then sent to the Approved Accounts list accessible via the drop down menu (Display).

  5. This page also lets you perform the same tasks as the Awaiting Approval area.

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