Website Administration

Once your website has been enabled your website administrator will be given a unique Username and Password to access your website administration area with. If you have not received this please contact your GoGlobal consultant.

To access the online administration area from your website follow these steps:

  1. Open your website or your domain name.
  2. Click on the Admin link in the footer area of your website. It will load the Sign-in page

  3. Sign-in using the correct Username and Password you have been supplied with.
  4. Upon successfully signing-in you will be redirected to an admin welcome page.

Now that you have successfully signed-in you will notice that your main menu has been refreshed and now includes a new Admin link. To access the admin tools click on the various links off this menu (These are discussed further on this site). You will also notice a new Edit link has been placed in the footer area of your site; this can be used to access the Content Editor to make updates to your website.

To access the online administration area from our online console follow these steps:

  1. Either go to our website and click on the Console link to be redirected to the Sign-in page or go there directly
  2. You can now Sign-in with the Username and Password for your website.
  3. Once successfully Signed-in you will be redirected to the welcome page of our console.


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